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ArcRAN technology makes internet-connected cars safer
Photo Credit To ArcRAN Inc.

ArcRAN technology makes internet-connected cars safer

ArcRAN technology makes internet-connected cars safer

Thanks to the technology revolution we can now access traffic information, play our favourite music, and be warned when accidents happen. However, while Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology make cars smarter, it also makes them more vulnerable to malicious hackers.

ArcRAN, a cybersecurity company focused on V2X, has addressed 3 strategies the automotive industry can apply to deal with this issue:

1. BEFORE the system hits the road

All code should be developed by following the idea of Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC).

Therefore, the cost of system maintenance and the chance to be hacked can be lowered.

2. WHILE the system is on the way

Vehicles embedded with a secured system may still be attacked with evolving hacking technics or newly-discovered vulnerabilities, so the vehicle should have extra perimeter protection.

ArcRAN provides the V2X site cybersecurity solution iSecV, which monitors wireless signals so they can detect abnormal behaviour in the V2X environment.

iSecV sends alerts to smart city/transportation project parties to take action to protect the physical site.

3. AFTER car accident happens

To mitigate the risks to business operations, ArcRAN suggests the next generation of enterprise vehicle insurance tracks autonomous vehicles and combines this with digital evidence collection so next generation vehicle insurance can extend its coverage from the physical world to cyberspace.

ArcRAN suggest automotive enterprises take immediate action to provide better protection for drivers & pedestrians in cyberspace.


ArcRAN is a cybersecurity company focusing in Internet of Things & Vehicles. Their core technological focus is wireless signal detection, including but not limited to WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and C-V2X.

With more than 18 year of experience in the cybersecurity industry, our solution well protects clients’ physical sites. Their cybersecurity solution is also recognized by several awards – 1st place Young Award (which honoured top IT companies in Taiwan); selected as Taiwan representative for APICTA Awards (which is a top award for Asia Pacific ICT companies).

Post source : ArcRAN Inc.

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