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ChargePoint introduces Global Electric Fleet Charging Portfolio
Photo Credit To ChargePoint

ChargePoint introduces Global Electric Fleet Charging Portfolio

ChargePoint introduces Global Electric Fleet Charging Portfolio

ChargePoint, a leading electric vehicle charging network, today announced the most comprehensive EV charging solution portfolio available for fleets of all types and sizes.

From concept to scale, ChargePoint’s global fleet solution portfolio includes everything fleets need to electrify and optimize fuelling as they grow. Fleet management software combined with ChargePoint’s AC and DC fast charging solutions balance charging costs with operational readiness for light- to heavy-duty vehicles across depot, on-route and at-home charging. Expert design/build services ensure a smooth transition to electrification. Ongoing support and maintenance guarantee maximum uptime for essential fuelling.

ChargePoint® Express Plus, a scalable DC fast charging platform based on a software-defined DC hardware architecture, minimizes power conversion equipment costs needed per site. Its modular design enables compliance with stringent uptime requirements. ChargePoint’s holistic approach optimizes the fuel cost per vehicle and is designed to meet the needs of fleet operators, now and in the future.

ChargePoint introduces Global Electric Fleet Charging Portfolio

Robust Software Keeps Vehicles Charged and Ready Anywhere and Optimizes Fuel Cost Per Vehicle

ChargePoint Fleet Depot, Mobility and Home software solutions keep vehicles charged and ready with optimized fuelling through dynamic depot charging optimization, easy public charging access and payment and comprehensive take-home vehicle charging management.

  • Depot software manages energy to minimize infrastructure and fuel costs while ensuring operational readiness through telematics, scheduling, utility and vehicle integrations.
  • Mobility software ensures fleet drivers never get stranded on route by making it easy to find and pay for public charging using a variety of payment options including fuel cards.
  • Home software enables fleets to offer home charging to drivers with take-home vehicles, managing the entire workflow of procurement, installation and fuel reimbursement.
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) and global partnerships across telematics, fuel cards, fleet and asset management systems complement ChargePoint solutions and ensure seamless integration with existing fleet operations.

ChargePoint introduces Global Electric Fleet Charging Portfolio

 Modular Architecture of the ChargePoint Express Plus Platform Delivers High Reliability and Serviceability

The ChargePoint Express Plus (EXPP) DC fast charging platform consists of modular components (EXPP Power Block, EXPP Power Module and EXPP Power Link) that can be easily configured to meet depot requirements and scale as fleets grow and the demand for charging increases.

  • Each EXPP Power Block houses up to five self-contained EXPP Power Modules that can flexibly distribute up to 200 kW.
  • EXPP Power Link dispenses power to EVs and supports up to two flexible cables compatible with all standard connector types.
  • Connecting multiple EXPP Power Blocks optimizes power sharing flexibility and scalability.
  • Multiple EXPP Power Links enable a mix of sequential and simultaneous charging.
  • Cable management ensures EXPP Power Link stations can support various vehicle sizes and parking configurations while keeping cables safely off the ground. Mounting options include Wall, Pedestal and Gantry.
  • The ChargePoint Express Plus solution features native support for the Open ChargePoint Protocol (OCPP).

In addition to the Express Plus DC fast charging platform and existing CPF50 50-amp AC fleet charging solution, ChargePoint offers an 80-amp AC charging solution for fleets in North America. The Express Plus DC fast charging platform will be available for early access fleet customers in summer 2021 and the 80-amp AC charging solution will be available to early access customers in the fall of 2021.

ChargePoint introduces Global Electric Fleet Charging Portfolio

Expert Services and Support Ensure Fleet Electrification Success

ChargePoint makes successful fleet electrification a reality with expert design/build services and industry-leading service and support, from site analysis and planning through permitting and construction. The ChargePoint Assure® Pro maintenance and management package is designed for essential fuelling operations and includes:

  • Technical support around the clock in local languages
  • Proactive station monitoring and role-based alerts and notifications
  • One-hour response, same-day dispatch and 24-hour resolution commitments
  • Extended parts warranty, including labour and spares management

“ChargePoint is making the transition to electrification a seamless experience, with a fleet portfolio that combines world-class software-defined hardware with services and support features to satisfy the operational needs of all types of fleets,” said Bill Loewenthal, Senior Vice President, Product, ChargePoint. “Successful fleet electrification requires optimizing, adapting and scaling to all of the unique needs that fleets have — from planning to implementation — and we offer the most complete portfolio for the market.”

“GILLIG selected ChargePoint as a partner because of their established and proven experience and for their leadership in developing integrated solutions for electric vehicles,” said Ben Grunat, Executive Director of Product Planning & Strategy, GILLIG. “They have helped ensure GILLIG’s customers have a smooth transition to electric buses.”

“ChargePoint’s software provides visibility and control, which are critical for managing electricity as a fuel.” said John Rich, Chief Technology Officer, PACCAR. “PACCAR and ChargePoint are working together to deliver managed cost of ownership for electric fleets. ChargePoint’s charging energy management will optimize electricity and infrastructure costs required to support a fleet’s charging needs.”

Interested fleet operators can sign up for a free fleet assessment or a complete solution demo at ACT Expo.

Post source : ChargePoint

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