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Dremel unveils the first Brushless Smart Connected Bluetooth Rotary Tool
Photo Credit To Dremel

Dremel unveils the first Brushless Smart Connected Bluetooth Rotary Tool

Dremel unveils the first Brushless Smart Connected Bluetooth Rotary Tool

As part of a new cordless line-up that is revolutionizing rotary tools, Dremel is upping the game with the introduction of the world’s first Brushless Smart Rotary Tool, the new flagship model 8260.

As a leader in the rotary tool industry, this new ground-breaking innovation from Dremel features never-before-seen smart capabilities, delivers uncompromised runtime and allows users to understand their rotary tool’s performance better than they ever thought possible.

  • Dremel’s 1st Smart Rotary Tool: The 8260’s Bluetooth connectivity links directly to the Dremel App, providing tool performance insights, accessory and materials guidance and more.
  • Dremel’s 1st Brushless Rotary Tool: The advanced brushless motor technology extends tool life through optimized performance and durability, making it the highest-performing and most efficient cordless tool offered by the Dremel brand.

This tool is made for heavy-duty rotary applications and allows for more control over projects, and the 8260 provides maximum torque with 20 percent more power versus Dremel’s most powerful corded model 4300. With double the battery life and 20 percent faster cutting speed compared to Dremel’s former most powerful cordless rotary model 8220, the 8260 has taken on that title and gives users the confidence to tackle the toughest of jobs including cutting steel or metal rebar pipe, drilling holes in wood and sanding a wooden door frame.

“We’ve spent years developing the 8260 to make it robust, technologically advanced and with features that enhance the DIY user’s experience. Offering this tool as a first-of-its kind digitally connected product, the Bluetooth-enabled 8260 serves as a gateway tool to the Dremel App, which will allow our users to effectively monitor their tool with ease and to ensure it has the runtime and power to tackle any project they come across. All of this technology combines into a durable, rigorous tool, and we are looking forward to seeing how the 8260 transforms the way people use and think of rotary tools,” said Brad Voller, Vice President Rotary Tools and Creative.

Dremel’s invention of the High-Speed Brushless Rotary Tool (HSRT) builds upon the brand’s legacy of delivering innovation. Furthermore, Dremel’s commitment to being a driving force in the rotary space can be seen through the brand’s recent granting of the HSRT Brushless Motor Patent (Patent No. 10,326,399), which further cements Dremel’s position as an industry leader.

Dremel unveils the first Brushless Smart Connected Bluetooth Rotary Tool

App Features

Via the Dremel App, Dremel 8260 rotary tool users will have newly available access to the status of the tool, including: sending alerts when battery life is low and when the tool is overloading/stalling, providing tips on how to resolve these issues and displaying the amount of usage time left on the tool in minutes.

In addition, the app has an interactive material guide that offers detailed accessory information and includes the recommended accessory speed in RPM for each material.

Dremel unveils the first Brushless Smart Connected Bluetooth Rotary Tool

8260 Tool Features

The key features that users can expect from the all-new 8260 include:

  • 100 percent more runtime versus the Dremel brand’s existing highest performance cordless rotary tool model 8220.
  • Red Warning LED notifications provide warning against overload, excessive tool and battery temperatures.
  • Maximum versatility to perform the widest range of applications.
  • Compatible with all Dremel rotary accessories and attachments.
  • High-efficiency brushless motor that provides optimized motor performance, higher power and durability.
  • Limited lifetime warranty to ensure robustness and durability.

The Dremel 8260 cordless rotary tool kit offers premium tool features and select premium EZ Lock™ accessories. Kit includes: 8260 rotary tool, battery, charger, three EZ456 cut-off wheels for metal, EZ476 cut-off wheel for plastic, EZ402 EZ Lock mandrel and soft-side storage case.

The Dremel 8260 Brushless Smart Rotary Tool comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is available online now and in stores from February 2022. MSRP of $169.99 USD. In Canada, the MSRP is $229.99 CDN.

Post source : Dremel

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