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Advantages and disadvantages of self-driving vehicles

Advantages and disadvantages of self-driving vehicles

Advantages and disadvantages of self-driving vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are exactly what the name says. They are vehicles that do not require human drivers to take control to operate the vehicle in a safe manner.

We currently live in an age where technology is changing and improving our lives daily. Technology provides a great deal of convenience along with added safety. This era of technology has helped develop self-driving vehicles. Self-driving vehicles, also referred to as autonomous vehicles have been in the works since the 1950’s. Though it has not been finalized, there have been a number of different companies in the automotive industry who have made great strides and offer vehicles that can travel without the assistance of a human being within a certain radius.

These companies are still working out the kinks and discovering new technology to integrate this idea successfully. This process is far from easy, but it definitely can be accomplished. The real question is are these vehicles really worth it and where is the automotive industry going? I am going to answer these concerns and explain the advantages of self-driving vehicles, the disadvantages of self-driving vehicles, and the overall future of automotive.

The Advantages of Self-Driving Vehicles

There are many advantages of self-driving cars that make them worth your while. For starters they are new and a super unique purchase to invest in.

Self-driving vehicles are becoming more and more well-known throughout the world as consumers are looking to invest in one and capitalize on their many advantages.

Reduces Car Crashes

The first advantage of a self-driving vehicle is the huge reduction is car accidents. A study found that in 2017, 94% of car crashes were a result of human error. This a huge issue not a lot of people emphasize. Self-driving vehicles do not get distracted by their phone or their screaming child in the back seat, making driving so much safer.

This is especially ideal for the older generation who might not feel comfortable driving at night or in general. It is estimated that self-driving vehicles can reduce accidents by up to 90%. This number is incredible and definitely worth the investment.


The next great attribute of self-driving vehicles that will surely benefit you is its traffic efficiency. Self-driving vehicles are able to communicate with one another. The days of making crazy hand gestures out the car window to communicate with other drivers are over.

Cars are able to recognize distance among other cars and maintain an optimized distance that gets you to your destination safely. Additionally, self-driving vehicles have the intelligence to select the best route to your destination according to time. This way you can get to where you need to be as efficiently as possible.

The Disadvantages of Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving cars are not perfect in any way and there are multiple disadvantages of self-driving vehicles.

You might be wondering, what could possibly go wrong? Well there are some drawbacks I want to touch on that are imperative to consider.

Purchase Cost

The first disadvantage of a self-driving vehicle is the initial acquiring cost of the vehicle. It is estimated that it will cost you an extreme $250,000 to own a self-driving vehicle. These costs add up especially for people on a budget. As technology continues to advance and becomes more normalized, these costs will come down, but for now, this added premium is a cost you have to be okay with incurring.

Error of Technology

Another disadvantage of a self-driving vehicle is the error of the machine. Technology does develop bugs and issues that can put you and your car at risk. While it may reduce accidents to some degree, it can also cause some if the system goes down or has problems. If the software of the self-driving vehicle fails, the driver is put more at risk than if they were driving the vehicles themselves. Technology is not an exact science and does pose some serious risks to consider.

Future of Automotive

The future of automotive can be determined by the technological advancements that come our way in the future. Autonomous vehicles are going to develop and be released more and more by various auto companies.

Tesla is obviously the big company that offers a limited version of a self-driving vehicle if you decide to purchase an additional package when buying your vehicle. As time moves forward, more and more auto companies are going to integrate cars with this idea and transform life as we know it. The future of automotive is not exactly clear, but what we do know is that currently, most cars cannot carry items that weigh a lot and pose capacity issues.

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