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Mio launches the MioWORK A500s Android series for professionals

Mio launches the MioWORK A500s Android series for professionals

Mio launches the MioWORK A500s Android series for professionals

MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation (MDT), a subsidiary of MiTAC Holdings Corporation (MHC, TWSE: 3706), announces the global release of its new MioWORK™ A500s series 5″ handheld Android™ 10.0 devices for enterprises.

The rugged A500s series models replace the A500 series released in 2018 and complement the already available 7″ F740s tablets and the larger 10.1″ L1000 series tablets.

All devices of the A500s product line are GMS certified for enterprise use, allowing for straightforward implementation of enterprise mobility management solutions. The series contains three models, the standard A500s, the A505s with a Honeywell 1D/2D LED aimer, and an 8 megapixels camera on the back. The A545s model features a Honeywell Laser Aimer instead of the LED aimer, with GPS/AGPS + GLONASS for navigation, and LTE Cat.6 connectivity.

Mio launches the MioWORK A500s Android series for professionals

An Excellent Solution for Warehousing, Logistics, and Restaurants

MioWORK™ A500s handhelds provide businesses the option to integrate a small and light device for frontline staff in warehousing, logistics, hospitality. With IP67 water and dust protection, the devices withstand exposure to the elements by logistic delivery staff and endure up to 1.8m drops with the optional protective caps following military standards. The integrated NFC / HF RFID readers allow for payment processing by delivery services and restaurant order management.

Unique Antibacterial Housing

The COVID-19 pandemic enhanced awareness of the importance of hygiene. The material of the A500s series housing has antimicrobial properties and passed Japan’s JIS Z 2801 certification. While not protecting against viruses, the housing shields against many microbes, supporting corporate efforts for increased hygiene.

A Wide Selection of Accessories Support Special Usage Scenarios

To supply enterprises with a complete package for many different usage scenarios, MioWORK™ developed an extensive ecosystem of accessories for all MioWORK™ products that remain compatible over product generations. Multi-unit cradles and multi-slot battery chargers ensure that staff never runs short on devices. The hot-swappable 4,100mAh battery permits 10h+ use and seamless 24/7 use of the device through consecutive shifts. Custom detachable hand straps secure the A500s but still allow quick battery exchange under time pressure. An optional pistol grip with a BCR trigger key permits fast and effective data collection without tiring the staff during long shifts. A 9-pin pogo connector for secured charging and data transmission is included in the box.

Quality Components for Product Reliability and Longevity

As a Taiwan manufacturer supplying leading brands and enterprises, MDT uses the best components for the MioWORK™ product lines to prevent unnecessary product failures and replacement worries. All devices are equipped with a HD quality wide-angle capacitive multi-touch IPS panel with glove support. At 450nits with optical bonding for enhanced sunlight readability, the display is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The low-voltage Octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 625 processor provides solid processing power for business applications without draining battery life.

Customers requiring higher front camera resolution can opt to upgrade to 8M.

Enterprise-Grade Mobile Device Management Solution by MDT

MSP and corporate IT departments can benefit from MiDM™ (MiTAC Mobile Device Management), the optional device management suite. MiDM™ provides secure remote management that is tailor-made for MioWORK™ products. OS, app updates, and support are managed remotely, greatly saving maintenance time and the need for spare devices. More importantly, the application was developed to reduce data transfer, with customers reporting high reductions in telecom data charges.

The MiDM™ suite can be customized for clients that require unique functions and settings. Enterprises with enhanced security requirements can deploy the suite on their own on-premise IT infrastructure as well. MiDM™ is developed in-house and includes a professional customer support team.

Hospitality and other businesses with devices accessible to the public can take advantage of the free MiLockTM add-on, a Kiosk Launcher that prevents users from switching apps or accessing the device settings.

Complemented by Sibling Tablet Series

Enterprises looking for a total solution provider can combine the A500s series with 7″ tablets of the F740s tablet series and 10.1″ tablets of the L1000s series.

Both series feature the same quality as the A500s series, have special enhancements and custom accessories like vehicle cradles and docking stations for use in the medical field, fleet management and logistics, field services, and retail and hospitality.

Post source : MiTAC Digital Technology Corp

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