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REE debuts P7-B Electric Class 3 Delivery Truck
Photo Credit To REE Automotive Ltd

REE debuts P7-B Electric Class 3 Delivery Truck

REE debuts P7-B Electric Class 3 Delivery Truck

REE Automotive Ltd., an automotive technology company and provider of electric vehicle (EV) platforms, today announced P7-B, a class 3 delivery truck built on a P7 cab chassis, following intensive customer evaluations at REE’s UK Engineering Centre.

The new P7-B is part of a fleet of vehicles available to prospective customers to evaluate, test, and experience the unique agility, performance, and design enabled by REE’s novel REEcorner x-by-wire technology.

To date, evaluations by prospective customers including global delivery, logistics, and e-commerce companies have been positive and encouraging. The prospective customers, to date, experienced first-hand the low step-in height designed for faster delivery times as well as reduced energy consumption due to better aerodynamics and highly efficient power management system of the P7 chassis architecture.

REE debuts P7-B Electric Class 3 Delivery Truck

Customers also experienced the agility and manoeuvrability afforded by REE’s all-wheel drive and all-wheel steer for unparalleled vehicle control, leading to better handling and safety in adverse conditions. The driver-focused cabin is designed for optimal ergonomics and human-machine interface for maximum driver comfort, safety, and productivity. The P7-B aims to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) to help facilitate fleets’ transition to EVs.

The class 3, all-by-wire electric truck, designed and built by REE based on its P7 modular chassis, targets the important and growing commercial EV mid- and last-mile delivery market, with applications such as 16-foot vans and delivery trucks. It was built in response to market needs and represents a potential opportunity for REE to present fleets with complete vehicles. It also follows the recently announced Proxima Powered by REE, which is P7’s debut on a walk-in van and features JB Poindexter’s Morgan Olson and EAVX Proxima body paired with REE’s P7 stripped chassis.

REE debuts P7-B Electric Class 3 Delivery Truck

This P7 delivery truck configuration offers increased interior space for passengers and cargo and a low step-in height while targeting a maximum speed of 75 mph (120 km/h), max range of 150 miles (241 km), up to 4,400 lbs (2,000 kg) payload, and vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) of up to 14,000 lbs (6,350 kg). The configuration can be modified to best suit customer needs. The full x-by-wire architecture supports all-wheel steer, all-wheel drive, adaptive regenerative breaking, creep control, hill start assist, and torque vectoring as standard as well as over-the-air updates.

“The on-track testing of the P7-B and extensive customer evaluations are another crucial step on the road to commercialization and deployment of test fleets followed by scale adaptation in fleets,” said Tali Miller, chief business officer at REE. “Feedback from our customers has been that this is the truck they have been waiting for – a driver-centric work truck that drives like a saloon car but is built to deliver under the harshest commercial duty cycle. Our modular P7 chassis allows us to design vehicles tailored to our customers’ needs and we are excited to be showing them what our unique technology affords their fleets as we support them on their path towards electrification and carbon neutrality.”

REE’s P7-B and the P7 modular chassis is targeted to be produced in both North America and the UK.

REE debuts P7-B Electric Class 3 Delivery Truck

Specifications – Class 3 P7-B

  • GVWR: 14,000 lbs / 6.4 tonnes
  • Payload: 4,400 lbs / 2,000 kg
  • Min Load Floor Height: 23 in / 58 cm
  • Cargo Volume: 812 ft3 / 23 m³
  • Drive: All-wheel drive by wire
  • Peak Motor Power: 400 kW
  • Peak Torque: 545 Nm
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Driving Range: 150 miles / 241 km
  • Max Speed: 75 mph / 120 kph
  • Steer: All-wheel steer by wire
  • Turning Radius: 19 ft / 6.0 m
  • Driver Position: Forward Cab

REE debuts P7-B Electric Class 3 Delivery Truck

Post source : REE Automotive Ltd

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